Mit einem Braai unter Freunden, einer Flasche Wein, springendem Glas und natürlich dem traditionellen Richtspruch haben wir am Montag Richtfest gefeiert!

The structure´s finished and it´s all good,
fits perfectly in the neighbourhood.
We hope you´ll enjoy and forever it may last!
It´s not oak but pine is fine,
we worked weekends to finish on time.
I can say for me it was a blast!

We trust you´ll like the food and beer,
and all the time you´ll live in here.
God bless everyone who´s going in and out!
Tim and Maz your dedication
to Village of Hope is an inspiration.
To be in this project just does make me proud!

The very best builder in town is Flip,
he´s always ready to give you a tip.
I never saw someone bricklaying that good!
The housmoms are here
throughout the year,
to give the children love and food!

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